Sunday, June 8, 2014

                                The Yabby King at work                      Cherax destructor

The dam was built 20 years ago and has been through many changes, including the increase in the yabby population. Many years ago, they moved from the small waterhole in our creek line and established a big presence in the dam. Since then the frogs have largely disappeared so I am assuming that they eat frogs eggs. The dam wall has become peppered with holes as they build their tunnels. A friend - who is now known as "Magic Laurie" or "The Yabby King"- lived here in May whilst we were away and diligently set the yabby trap daily to try to decrease the population.
His total at the end of the month was 275! I am still catching around 5 per day but they are getting smaller. They are either being released in local creeks or other farm dams. We are hoping that the frogs may make a comeback if we keep at it.